"A Scientific Experiment"

"A Scientific Experiment"
by Dick Mauer
 From the depths of my addled brain I remember a scientific type
experiment that took place in Calexico in about 1966. There had been
considerable discussion among the Patrol Inspectors (P.I.) over coffee
as to whether or not an International Scout could float. My friend Jim,
who was soon to take leave from the Border Patrol for a short, but
exciting, Army career, which took him to many exotic places, decided on
an experiment.  He selected the Wisteria Drop (or some such named water
control facility) on the All American Canal for this test, to settle,
once and for all, whether or not, a Scout would float. Well, Jim showed
us that day that they could not, and earned the admiration of those who
participated in the discussion.
The vehicle recovery effort was quietly led by either Senior Patrol
Inspector (S.P.I.) "Easy" Ed McCabe or S.P.I. Jim Burns. Jim was the
perfect guy to conduct this experiment because, like I said, he was
leaving anyway. All was forgotten by the time he came back to the Border
Patrol. As a matter of fact, his career blossomed. Don't be afraid to