Ding!Round One

"Ding! Round 1"
by Dick Mauer
I was working plain clothes with Dave Robinson one fall night in the
Buffalo Greyhound Station in the late 70s. Among our "informants" there
were the Greyhound ticket agents who we had induced to call whenever
non-English speaking groups bought one way tickets to the interior. We
were in the building that night when one of the ticket agents gave us
the high sign and pointed out a large black male who just bought 3 one
way tickets to NYC. The agent also reported that the man asked about the
10:30 pm New York City bus and was speaking the kings English. We had
eyeballed the guy but he got out of the station quickly and could not be
found on the street. We'd have to be there for the 10:30 bus.

Sure enough he showed up for the 10:30 bus with 3 Guyanans in tow who
were easily bagged when they got in line for the bus. Turning our
attention to the trunk smuggler who was standing back and watching
(but not running), you could see his eyes getting bigger and rounder as
we approached him. By the time we got to him he looked like an owl. He
turned out to be a 280+ pound Jamaican who was a professional
heavyweight boxer who had actually fought against George Chuvalo
 in Toronto the previous year. (Chuvalo once fought Muhammad Ali)
We advised him that he was under arrest, which he acknowledged but he
didn't want to be handcuffed. He never actually threw a punch but in the
ensuing scuffle he threw Dave and I all over the bus station before we
got help from the on duty Buffalo Cop and got him cuffed with 2 sets.

We got a successful prosecution on him which meant that the U.S.
Attorney reduced it to 1325 and the Magistrate gave him time served.
This was par for the course in those days. The fighters name, Gormanston
Wishart. Check it out..