Which One do you Want?

" Which One Do You Want?"
by Dick Mauer

I was the PAIC at Buffalo in 1988 and was often called upon to do public
speaking. In those days my wife was a friend of a woman who belonged to
the Local Lions Club. Her husband had been a founder and she was invited
to join after he passed.

The woman invited my wife to their Christmas lunch meeting and she also
asked me to address the group on the History and Mission of the Border
Patrol. I was working that day and showed up at about 11:30 in dress
uniform. I was met by the President and other officers and we were
standing at the front of the room talking of my presentation when other
members started arriving.

A little background is needed here. One of the officers was a 40ish
Minister from the local Lutheran Church.

As the members started coming in and taking their seats I saw my wife
enter with her friend. The women were wearing Christmas appropriate
clothes with my wife in red, and looking good. UNOIMSAYIN'? They were
noticed by the men with whom I was standing and the Minister says, "WOW,
I'll take the one in red." I don't say anything and we all kinda' laughed.

The meeting starts and they had scheduled my presentation before lunch.
The President introduces me and also remarked that the guest of their
female member is also my wife. I couldn't help but notice the the
Minister, sitting in the front row, has now turned redder than my wife's
sweater and he jumped up and left. My wife and I have laughed about that
day for 30 years.