Beam Me Up Scotty

"Beam Me Up Scotty"

By Dick Mauer

A while back I posted a short comment on the facebook "Old Patrol" site
about an event witnessed back in 1967 by my wife and myself.
interestingly, about 8 retired Agents reported having a similar experience.

The year was 1967 and I was stationed in Calexico, sweating it out in
that desert tinderbox. We had no children at the time and we had a habit
of frequently taking trips to San Diego on days off to escape the
blistering heat of the Imperial Valley. After 115 degree Valley days, we
enjoyed the coolness of 85 degrees at Coronado or in Balboa Park. We
would usually stay overnight before heading back to the "oven" on the
evening of the second day.

The road between San Diego and the desert was "old" highway U.S. 8, a
two lane affair that wound its way through the magnificent mountains of
the Cleveland National Forest past Jacumba, Campo, Pine Valley, and
Alpine. It essentially is the same path now followed by superhighway I-8.

One summer night, on the way back to the oven, we experienced an
unexplainable ocurrence on that road near Jacumba that I will try to
describe. The time was about 11pm, with little or no traffic in either
direction. I do not know what occurred that caught our attention that
night, but it caused me to stop the car on the road in the pitch black.
Something had gotten our attention and we stopped. All of a sudden our
car was bathed in intense light from an overhead source.  We could not
tell the origin of the light and it seemed to last about one minute and
then go out, leaving us in total darkness except for headlights. We
neither heard nor saw any possible source. The car was unaffected and we
continued on our way.

Over the years we have not told others of our experience until I put a
posting of it on the "Old Patrol" blog site, I was amazed to hear that
others had similar experiences to report. The fact that the Government
is about to issue a June report on UFOs is what made me think of that
night again. How About you? Any happenings to report?