One Pig Apprehension

It was a slow winter's day at the Greyhound Bus Station in Indio, California where Bob Richardson and I were assigned to perform bus check duties somewhere about 1970.  After the Calexico bus came in shortly after noon and we got it checked, we decided to take our break and head for the coffee shop.   We got in our vehicle and driving there we encountered a man standing behind a pick-up pulled over to the side of the road.  He was frantically waving his arms at us.  He informed us that he had lost his pig that he was carrying in the back of his truck.  We weren't sure what to do about this and we weren't too enthused at the prospect of rolling around in the dirt in our nice dress uniforms trying to wrestle a pig to the ground.   We finally agreed to help him and after locating the pig, the three of us somehow manage to corner him and this guy, the owner, tackles him just like a linebacker coming from the blind side brings down a quarterback.  Except I never heard a quarterback squeal that loud.  So we help him put the pig in the back of the pick-up and literally hog tie him.
Bob felt a little remorse about catching the pig after the owner told us he was going to make tamales out of him.  But, after receiving a few "muchas gracias" we tipped our hats, walked back and mounted our old squad car and drove off into the sunset.  We dutifully entered one apprehension in the station log that day.
Manny Cornejo

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